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Photos: last work

Photos: yay =^^= Photos: My one-shot =^^=

hope, there less mistakes in text, than allways =.=' but guess, there it is o_o my Japanese's bad ><

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  • Kakete

    I'm not native japanese speaker but I think no wrong text in this work.

    love your works.
    nice to meet you!

    09-14-2010 21:53 Kakete (79)

  • Kona-chan^^

    thanks ^^ that'so so nice of you))) i thought that there could be something wrong in the word 'hajimari' i didn't know the way it's written properly >.<'

    09-14-2010 22:00 Kona-chan^^ (2)

  • Kakete

    "hajime" can be written into 2 ways which are "初め" or "始め".

    "初め" means "begin"
    "始め" means "start"

    further more, if you search "わたしはすべてのはじまり" in google, all results are written by "始まり".

    from google, I saw a lot of japanese don't know
    what are differents between "初め" or "始め".

    so, some mistakes from non-native speakers like us may not be seen by many japaneses Y(^o^)Y

    09-14-2010 22:50 Kakete (79)

  • Kona-chan^^

    XD haha)))

    09-14-2010 22:54 Kona-chan^^ (2)

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